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Travel to Cabo Frio, near Rio de Janeiro to get away from the busy city



Photo by Eigen Werk

Cabo Frio Excursion


Just a few hours from Rio, Cabo Frio is an excellent option for a four or five day excursion to the Regiao dos Lagos region. The highlight of this seaside town is the beautiful sand dune beaches, which are popular for swimming and sailing. Cabo Frio is also rich in history, and if you can break away from the gorgeous ocean side, there are many opportunities to explore the old forts, chapels, and churches that are evident of the legacy of the colonial era.



What to do


For most travelers to Cabo Frio, the beaches are the most appealing aspect of the town. The most popular beach is Forte Beach, which is named after the Praia do Forte built in 1616 to protect the coast. Along the coast and past the Arraial do Cabo are several beaches that are less populated. Praia do Pero, six km from Forte, is a good surfing spot and has few tourists. Further down is the small Praia das Conchas, which is a lovely spot with its sand dunes and calm, sparkling blue waters.


Also worth checking out is one of the most notable buildings in the city, the church of Nossa Senhora da Assuncao. It was built in 1616 and is a beautifully preserved example of colonial architecture. For a panoramic view of the city and coast the Morro da Guia has a look-out and an 18th century chapel. Located in the city center, the Museu de Arte Religiosa e Tradicional has an interesting collection of Brazilian sacred art.


What to Eat


Good restaurants arenít hard to find in Cabo Frio. On the beach youíll find bare-footed vendors selling everything from shrimp kabobs to sorbet, oysters, and cold drinks. In the town centre Picolina at Rua Marechal Floriano 319 has some of the best fish and seafood, and near the Praia do Forte you can get excellent churrascaria at La Carreta located at Av. Nilo Pecanha 443.


Photo by Eigen Werk


Where to Stay


There is no shortage of lodging options for the visitor. Hotels for all budgets can be found in the city center or close to the beach. The tourist office at Praca Cristovao Colombo near the Praia do Forte can help you find a room, but here are some suggestions to get you started: La Plage, the most expensive and luxurious hotel in Cabo Frio is located at Praia do Pero on the beach. Quintais das Dunas, on the same beach, is also lovely and has a pool. The hotels and pousadas get lower in price further into the city.


How to Get There


The drive from Rio is really beautiful, especially the view from the Rio-Niteroi bridge. After crossing the bridge youíll take the Via Lagos Highway, which leads you to Cabo Frio after passing through small seaside villages.



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