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The 10 Best Gay Things About NYC You Don't Already Know

By Matt Bell

Next time you find yourself in the Big Apple, make sure to check out these tourist worthy gems that even the locals canít stay away from. Whether it's watching ripped Broadway stars strip down for Broadway Bares or a trip to Patricia Fields, these creative suggestions are New York musts. ...more

September 10, 2008


In & Out: Lisbon

Getting friendly in Portugal

By Jimmy Im

Travel columnist Jimmy Im recently spent 48 hours in Lisbon sampling local delicacies, soaking up the city's revved up nightlife and getty cozy with some of the Portuguese capital's friendliest citizens. From where to sleep to where to party, Jimmy scopes out the best that Lisbon has to offer... so you don't have to. ...more

August 29, 2008


Palau: The Rainbows End

by Matt Bell

Juggling chainsaws. Running with the bulls. Skydiving. President Cheney. Some things just sound scary, and when we found out we would be snorkeling with some Jellyfish, tremors of terror are exactly what slipped up our spine. ...more

August 16, 2008


Out in the World: Hong Kong

Lesbian travails from around the globe!

By Emma Gale

Hong Kongers are forever eating, shopping, moving through the city's myriad of malls. Tubes and tunnels, escalators and shopping, heat and moisture, Hong Kong is strongly vaginal. Itís fertile terrain for lesbians and bisexuals. An American girl in China checks out the lesbian social club Les Peches' queer party night for the ladies! ...more

August 01, 2008


The Allure of Oaxaca, Mexico

Yes, it's gay-friendly, and more

By Alvin Starkman

Oaxaca (wa-HAW-ka), the capital of one of Mexicoís southernmost states of the same name, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting world renowned cuisine, an impressive array of galleries, museums and colonial churches, a plethora of pre-Hispanic ruins, colorful marketplaces, fascinating craft villages, as well as more off-the-beaten-track sights. ...more

July 16, 2008


Exploring Gay Dublin

The very best of the Irish capital

By Ed Walsh

A once unfriendly place for gay and lesbian travelers, Dublin has in recent years undergone a rainbow of changes. From its monuments to Oscar Wilde and swirl of new gay nightspots to its expansive parks and gay owned B&B's, there's something gay in the air in Dublin and I'm not talking shamrocks either. ...more

July 04, 2008



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