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Camp Willowswish - September 7 - 9, 2007


Camp Willowswish is a unique and fun-filled camping experience for about 350 gay men between the ages of 17-85, held at the Lake Murray State Park, which is located in Southern Oklahoma, halfway between Oklahoma City and Dallas. Camp officially kicks off on the Saturday before Labor Day and continues through the week until the following Sunday. Although a dedicated few will arrive early in the week, most will arrive on Thursday and Friday when the principle activities begin. The earlier you get there however the more likely you are to get a good campsite as they are, of course, first come, first serve.


At Willowswish you will come to expect the unexpected. You will find dogs, assorted faghags and a few lesbians. Some campers choose to erect elaborate campsites that cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars while some opt to come on a wing and a prayer. Willowswish will have full scale discos, complete with big screens, dancers and thousands of lights that would rival the biggest of dance clubs.


Camp Willowswish began around or about 1969 when a group of friends, part of whom lived in Oklahoma City and Dallas, and met to party at the lake. It was relatively quiet in the 70's, grew in the 80's and exploded in the 90's with the popularity of the internet. Much like an experience at The Habana Inn, in Oklahoma City, Camp Willowswish will be what you choose it to be. It is your option to hang out with new and old friends, drinking and carrying on. Or you can frolic into the woods with fellow campers doing whom you want, when you want. Many campers bring their watercraft, from dollar store floats, Seadoos, to house boats, and hang out in our cove in the afternoons. Again, the choice is yours. Willowswish is unique in that there simply isnít a class system as youíll often find at your local gay clubs and bars. As you can understand there just isnít a lot of room for snobbery or pretentiousness in a primitive camp setting. No one person is necessarily in charge as it just happens. We are all equals there to celebrate and have a gay old time!


As mentioned, the principle activities at Willowswish begin on Thursday and continue on through Sunday although, depending on who is in attendance, parties can happen nightly beginning early in the week. Thursday night often plays host to the Hottest Buns contest in addition to whatever else may arise. On Friday night things really get going as a fun and rowdy group of Texas boys throw a big theme party on the far edge of, what is traditionally, the Texas side. (Be sure to check out the home page for this yearís theme!) They always provide free booze, dancing and one hell of a party. A disco will usually be held after that, around midnight or so, at the Rainbow Village located on, what is traditionally, the Oklahoma side. On Saturday, we have our annual Miss Willowswish America Pageant which is the funniest and most twisted drag pageant you will ever see! To give you an idea of what you may encounter; we have had mermaids on a Seadoos eating live goldfish, a queen give birth in the mud, and full fireworks displays that would rival most small towns. The Miss Willowswish Pageant is hosted by self-proclaimed Mayor of Willowswish, Mr. Floyd Martin who brings a unique sense of humor and wit to an already out of control show! The Pageant features crowd favorites and former Miss Willowswish winners Iona Trailer, Gina Tae and Stubby Nubbs. You truly have to see and experience Camp Willowswish to believe it!


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